‘Earth Trekkers’ family takes 13-month trip around the world

106 Photos, 1 Video

“87,000 miles. 44 airline flights. 396 days. 35 countries. 1 family.”

That would be the epic movie tagline for the Rivenbark family, of Howard County, who recently returned from a 13-month trip around the globe. The family —- consisting of mom Julie, dad Tim, Tyler, 12, and Kara, 10 — sold their house, and their cars; Julie quit her job, Tim took a leave of absence. And the kids did their homeschool work while on safari in Africa, in a hotel in Nepal or whenever they could find time.

The family kept a near-daily blog, which was fed by stunning photos from Julie and fun, educational videos from Tyler. A short documentary about the Rivenbark’s trip is below.

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