Old Town

Nothing new with Old Town Mall

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Old Town Mall in East Baltimore is a centuries-old commercial district that has lived through periods of booming growth, recession and renewal. Once a shining example of urban revitalization, it has since largely fallen into disrepair, with more than half of the buildings standing vacant. We delve into the history of the neighborhood, and what may come in its next chapter.

This is Part 2 in a two-part series about Old Town Mall. See Part 1.
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Photographing Old Town, East Baltimore

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Baltimore-based photographer James Singewald has been documenting the city’s deterioration one block at a time. Most recently his graduate work at the Maryland Institute College of Art focused on the failed urban renewal project known as Old Town Mall. His current project “Baltimore: A History, Block by Block” takes a similar approach. Below, Singewald talks about how his projects coincide and the need to revitalize Baltimore’s communities. He also shares with The Darkroom, photos from “Old Town, East Baltimore.”

This is Part 1 in a two-part series about Old Town Mall. Click to read Part 2.
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