Dubai, the Manhattan of the Middle East

Dubai, the Manhattan of the Middle East

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DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — With its glistening skyscrapers and man-made waterways, Dubai Marina is a playground for the rich.

Dubai’s rapid transformation from a desert outpost into one of the world’s most architecturally stunning cities is mapped out in the Marina. What 15 years ago was mostly empty land is today a bustling neighborhood with a skyline that pierces through the clouds.

More than 150 high-rise buildings, stacked row after row, make up this 50 million square foot (4.65 million square meter) waterfront neighborhood built around a man-made canal where the wealthy park their yachts.

The area is sometimes referred to as the Manhattan of the Middle East and some of its buildings are promoted by realtors as having “Manhattan-style” architecture and amenities. A 12,400 square foot (1,152 square meter) apartment in the Marina was put on the market this year for a cool 56 million dirhams, or about $15.25 million.

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