The world’s most expensive cup of joe

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Would you spend $50 on a cup of exotic coffee?

The world’s most expensive coffee hails from Thailand thanks to Canadian coffee expert Blake Dinkin and his Black Ivory Coffee. The unique blend is made from Thai arabica hand-picked beans, and naturally refined by Thai elephants. What?!? A Thai elephant you say.

The process includes waiting 15-30 hours for the elephant to digest the beans. Once that happens, coffee beans are plucked from the dung, washed and roasted. Approximately 10,000 beans are picked to produce 1 kg or about 2.2 lbs of roasted coffee. At $1,100 per kilogram, the cost per cup equals $50, making the exotic new brew the world’s priciest cup of joe, according to Getty.

Photos taken by Paula Bronstein of Getty Images.

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