Baltimore signs

Baltimore signs: Night and day

Baltimore signs: Night and day

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If you’re a Baltimore lifer or you’ve been here long enough to get yourself good and lost (and then found), you may have figured out by now that the natives like to give directions from Point A to Point B either without using street names or based solely on what buildings used to be at those locations.

Who needs street names when you can just say: “Remember where the old Caldor was on York Road? Drive there.” Or better yet: “Go north on 83, the Pepsi sign will be on your right. If you see the Mount Washington Whole Foods, you’ve missed your exit.” Of course, here in Charm City, we don’t just use landmarks for driving directions, we also use them as easy meet-up spots for the directionally challenged (ahem).

“Meet me under Mr. Boh,” “meet me in front of The Senator marquee”… are you starting to get the picture, yet?

Signs, signs are everywhere in the former City That Reads and the ones that light up are some of our faves, not to mention the most iconic — and easiest to give directions to. Here’s a sampling of Baltimore signs — night and day — to help you find your way around. — Amanda Krotki

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