Couple’s 30-year Halloween tradition nears an end

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Photos and text by Paul W. Gillespie

With Halloween only days away, costumes are being bought or assembled and the spooky decorations are coming out of storage. Marcy and Mike Zeller are ahead of the game with their annual ritual. The couple have been going all out decorating their home on Manor Road in Glen Burnie for the past 30 years. The process takes about two weeks doing a little bit each day. The couple figures they get about 50-100 kids on Halloween night, but people drive past for weeks ahead of the holiday to see the show. The Zellers enjoy it and are usually the last ones on the block to put the lights out. They think the neighbors and their children really appreciate it.

After the holiday, the couple will go to local stores that sell Halloween costumes and decorations, often waiting in line outside for the doors to open to get great deals. Just prior to Hurricane Sandy coming to the area in 2012 the couple had to rush to take down all the decorations so the wouldn’t blow away around the neighborhood. This, however, will be the final year of their yard’s spooky makeover. Next year the couple will be retiring to South Carolina.