Hot glass, cool art: Inside the studio of Anthony Corradetti

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Photos and text by Lloyd Fox

Anthony Corradetti is one of few people that actually welcomes cold temperatures to Baltimore. He spends his days in a studio with furnaces pushing 2200 degrees. Corradetti opened his glassblowing business in Clipper Mill in 2005 and has been creating glass pieces for 40 years, since first taking a class at Temple Tyler School of Art. Pieces are created by gathering glass on the end of a steel pole and then heating it to a glowing blob. The softened glass is then blown, shaped and reheated several times. Once finished, it is cooled slowly overnight to avoid breaking.

Jewelry, drinking glasses, ornaments, various vases and bowls are a few of the glass works that Corradetti offers at his studio. For people interested in making their own glass pieces, glassblowing classes & workshops are also offered.