The Hewitt triplets turn one

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How did Trip, Finn and Ollie Hewitt, the identical triplets of Hampden, get ready for their first birthday party? While their mother took care of the party details, their father loaded them into the family’s Honda Pilot for an hour-long driving nap. This vital preparation epitomizes the careful planning and multi-tasking skills of the triplets’ parents, Kristen and Thomas Hewitt, Jr. While the boys slept, Thomas, Director of Service Development at the Maryland Transit Administration, navigated through some city bus routes being redesigned.

After the nap and a quick meal, the boys arrived at Café Hon in style, a three-seat red wagon pulled by Kristen. The New York Rangers hockey-themed party for about two-dozen guests was a chance for the Hewitts to thank family and friends for their support. There was a lot to celebrate: the boys each weigh over 20 pounds, and are well on the curve developmentally for their actual, not adjusted, age. All three are on the cusp of walking. They like every kind of food (except for Finn’s aversion to eggplant), and enthusiastically devoured and wore their birthday cake.

Reflecting on their very challenging first year as parents of triplets, Thomas commented that it has enhanced the couple’s relationship, “making things a lot stronger.” Having healthy and happy boys is a major accomplishment, but Thomas observed: “It’s only one step in a very long journey.” Each milestone is emotional, Thomas added, because “we don’t plan on having any other kids!”