From the vault: The Orioles win the 1966 World Series

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Yesterday marked the 50th anniversary of the Orioles’ first-ever World Series win, over the Dodgers. As The Sun’s Mike Klingaman writes, the victory brought an evening of serious celebration to the streets of Baltimore.

Sports reporter Klingaman remembers the revelry that followed the win on October 9, 1966:

“Outside, Baltimoreans take to the streets. Confetti flies, horns blare and firecrackers explode as fans run amok shouting, ‘Birds! Birds! Birds!’ A Dodgers pennant is burned in the street, ignored by police who patrol in cars bedecked with orange Orioles flags and stickers.

City Hall rings its bell 66 times. Through it all, The Sun reports, ‘Blacks and whites demonstrated together, shook hands and smiled.'”

As 1966 Orioles return for World Series anniversary, players and fans look back and smile