EWA’s Last Rites Match: A Bruising Good Time

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Photos and text by Barbara Haddock Taylor

The hard-hitting, body-slamming, pile-driving professional wrestlers from the Eastern Wrestling Association held a “Last Rites” match at Parkville’s Tall Cedars Hall last Saturday.

The Halloween-themed event featured costumed champions and their challengers and an energetic crowd of all ages enthusiastically voicing their support or disdain for the fighters.

“Your socks don’t match!” screamed one fan. “Put it back on! Please!” yelled another when one of the heavyweights took off his jacket.

Wrestlers gave it all back, and then some, leaping out of the ring with threatening gestures and taunts, much to the delight of the youngest fans. But they saved the best moves for the ring – with eye rakes, power bombs, figure four leg locks, sleeper holds and many other devastating moves throughout the night.

The evening culminated in the event’s highlight: the casket match. After an epic struggle, Brutal Bob Evans managed to stuff his opponent, T.J. Sykes, into the casket. After his victory lap, the lights went up. A bruising good time was had by all.