Arthouse/Artcars: The assemblages of artist A. Clarke Bedford

21 Photos

Photos and text by Kim Hairston

Perhaps you’ve seen A. Clarke Bedford’s art cars. He used to commute to his job as a conservator at the Hirshhorn Museum in one of his elaborately decorated autos. Bedford has taken part in shows like Artscape and has driven in parades. The four art cars parked outside his Nicholson Street home are his transportation.

Bedford’s home, “As-sem-blage Co-ttage,” pronounced in rhyming “French,” and yard, “Vanadu Gardens,” like his cars, are covered with layers of found objects laden with meaning. He has designed them to be seen in relation to each other. If you get the chance to go by, you will be able to appreciate his commitment to public art from the sidewalk outside and across from his home.