Keeping music alive at Perrin & Associates Fine Violins

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As though the spacious showroom could not become any more pleasing with its high ceilings, numerous windows, oriental carpet and walls lined with stringed instruments, the sound of a violin pierces the silence, making the room come alive with music.

Rodger Perrin, founder of Perrin & Associates Fine Violins in 1994 in Baltimore, says, “I was passionate about Mozart and Beethoven when I was five years old.” His love for classical music progressed from playing violins to building, restoring and repairing violins, violas and cellos. Performance venues and education of the craftsmen at Perrin & Associates range from MICA and the Peabody Conservatory to musical institutions in Boston, London and Glasgow.

Perrin says, “One of the real pleasures of this business is that we work with musicians of every level. So it’s very gratifying to be introducing a beginning violinist or cellist to the very first instrument they’ll ever hold. It’s equally exciting to do adjustments with some of the best players in Baltimore and nationally.”

Keeping music alive at Perrin & Associates Fine Violins from Baltimore Sun's The Darkroom on Vimeo.