Hewitt triplets at nine months

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Since we last visited the Hewitt triplets three months ago, Ollie, Finn and Trip have become giggling, attentive, teething nine-month-olds. The fenced-in play area, once a mellow haven for bottle-feeding, is now a lively scene. Chubby arms and legs propel the boys as they crawl, pull themselves up, stand and play with toys and each other.

The kitchen is also a hub of exploration as the triplets eagerly feed themselves using spoons and fingers. Since the boys have each sprouted two bottom teeth, bottle feedings are interspersed with seated meals. Favorites include pancakes, yogurt, avocado, meatballs, watermelon and zucchini. Teething has presented the greatest challenge, triggering some low-grade fevers, more clingy behavior and sleep disruption – all taking its toll on parents Kristen and Thomas Hewitt Jr. Long daily stroller walks keep the caregivers in shape and providing both stimulation and nap time.

On a recent weekend, paternal grandparents Terry and Thomas Hewitt Sr., of Ramsey, New Jersey, were thrilled to see the changes since their last visit two months ago. “The progress they have made is unbelievable,” Terry remarked. Her husband added that the calmness of the triplets’ parents helps a great deal. “They are not hovering parents, but at the same time they are very protective.” Terry added, “The love that you see the boys have for each other matches how their parents feel. They all love one another.”

Hewitt triplets at nine months from Baltimore Sun's The Darkroom on Vimeo.