24 hours with: The food delivery company manager

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For Matt Alexander, food delivery is a way of life.

The 35-year-old is the general manager of OrderUp for Maryland, an online ordering platform and marketplace. Based in Baltimore’s Canton neighborhood, OrderUp drivers deliver food to users from non-traditional delivery restaurants (for example, Chipotle, PF Chang’s or Nalley Fresh); it also serves as a resource for looking up hours, menus and phone numbers.

Alexander, who grew up near Washington, D.C., moved to Baltimore 10 or 11 years ago for a different job. “I didn’t know anybody in the city and I joined an all-men’s softball team. Coincidentally enough, I played softball with the two co-founders of OrderUp,” which led to his current gig, he said.

After working in a traditional corporate environment for years, Alexander welcomed the chance to do something new every day. “It’s been outstanding. It’s the best decision I ever made,” he said. OrderUp, founded in 2009, has about 100 employees in the Canton office.

When he’s not working (or eating), Alexander likes working out and taking his dog, Bentley, to Patterson Park.

“It’s the brightest group of people, it’s the hungriest group of people, and it’s a pleasure to come in somewhere and still have that start-up feel,” Alexander said of his job. No pun intended.

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