France’s Grand Siecle costume rendez-vous

23 Photos

The French Revolution ended 217 years ago, but you might not know it if you were at the Grand Siecle event in Maincy, France on June 26.

While historians debate the events and legacy of the French Revolution, which began in 1789 and lasted until 1799, the contradictions of modern French society are manifest in the photos. On the one hand, leftist protestors have clashed with police for several months now over the government’s labour reforms. On the other hand, you have events like this, with people donning their finest Louis XIV-inspired garb — a seeming display of nostalgia and affection for the monarchical era. It’s a complex country. One thing’s for certain: the people at this annual Grand Siecle day event, held near Paris at Vaux-le-Vicomte castle, had the best photos on Instagram this week.