Flotilla battle in London over Brexit

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A surreal scene unfolded Wednesday morning in the River Thames, with warring flotillas of boats debating whether Britain should leave the European Union.

“Should I stay or should I go?” Joe Strummer sings in the classic song by the Clash. Lately Brits are asking the same question – about whether to stay or leave the European Union. Wednesday morning, a fishing group called Fishing for Leave organized a flotilla of boats to sail up the Thames near the House of Commons, where the Prime Minister was taking final questions before the referendum, which takes place June 23. The fishermen, who are in favor of Brexit, were later joined by politician Nigel Farage, head of UKIP and the organizer of the “Leave” campaign. And then multimillionaire Bob Geldof showed up on a yacht, mocking the campaign with a very, very loud loudspeaker. The “Leave” boats later fired a waterhose on one of the “In” ships.