The Hewitt triplets are thriving at six months

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Six months after the arrival of triplets Finnegan, Oliver and Thomas III upended the lives of parents Kristen and Thomas Hewitt Jr., the family of five is thriving.

Triplets are rare and identical triplets rarer still. Kristen’s parents, Jim and Kathy Stantz, relocated from Ohio to help when the boys were born on October 6. Trip, the largest at birth, is now a solid 16.8 pounds. Finn, a mere 3.06 pounds at birth, has caught up to Ollie. They both weigh 15.8 pounds.

The daunting routine at their Hampden rowhouse, with six feedings a day, has eased up slightly now that the triplets sleep for nine to ten hours at night. The squirming, smiling, drooling, chubby babies can roll over from back to belly. The boys giggle, reach out for each other and interact more with adults.

Thomas recently started a new job, as Director of Service Development for the Maryland Transportation Authority. His father-in-law is also working fulltime, so Kristen relies more on her mother for weekday help. A recent expedition by the two women to Towson Town Center was planned like a military campaign. The Hewitts look forward to going to the park and not being completely cooped up inside with the triplets. Kristen remarked, “It will definitely be nice to get out of the house!”

Hewitt triplets at six months from Baltimore Sun's The Darkroom on Vimeo.

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