Looking for shadows in the light: Lloyd Fox’s Instagram graphics

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Photos and text by Lloyd Fox: When I am out looking for Instagram pictures the first thing I do is to find distinctive or dramatic light and then look for the interesting lines, shapes or graphic designs within that area of light.

I like having people somewhere in the picture, so once I have found the light and the space I am looking to shoot in, I wait for individuals on the street to enter or walk through my frame. Many of my images have been silhouettes, which I have found to be the most fun to capture because it requires me to be very attentive to the framing and composing of the image. Sometimes just a few inches left or right, up or down, can make all of the difference. I try to imagine what my image will look like in black-and-white before I shoot it. I use the native camera in the iPhone to shoot and edit all of my Instagram images. I post mainly in black-and-white because it highlights the foundation of photography – light and composition. More of my images can be found @lloyd1fox on Instagram.