Looking for geometry and light in Baltimore

18 Photos

Photos and text by Karl Merton Ferron

Whether recent construction or a work completed decades prior, the building of high rises and bridges pierce the sky, offering the chance to catch a glimpse of when symmetry and geometry create a symbiosis with a cerulean dawn, or celestial transit.

Colorful hues surround man-made structures, embracing reflective glass, hardened steel and sculpted granite, once harvested from organic quartz, iron, aluminum, clay and shale. Architects and engineers planned and designed these structures, and then construction workers used machinery and pure human effort, building from foundation and footing, then capping off with the crest of an 85-year-old arch bridge, or the mast that tops a 509-foot tower. These structures themselves evoke a sense of artistry, yet make for an even more beautiful spectacle when paired with a dramatic sky or setting moon.