Theresa Keil & Larry Cohen, Baltimore Street Photographers

99 Photos, 1 Video

Theresa Keil and Larry Cohen are the first duo featured in the Baltimore Street Photographer series, and the first couple. The pair, who form TLC Baltimore, an event photography team, spend much of their free time pursuing street photography in its purest form.

(Note: The shoot with Larry and Theresa was unique to the series in that they preferred not to do a stand-up interview. Instead, they were separately mic’d and spoke about their work as they walked through the streets of the neighborhood known simply as Downtown. To pay homage to the natural style in which they shoot, this video, too, is completely raw — no color correction, stabilization or lighting adjustments were made to the footage.)

Theresa and Larry each shared about 50 of their favorite street photography images, with a few others thrown in. The captions below indicate who took each photo. To see more of their work, check out their Facebook page, Larry’s Flickr page, Theresa’s website and her Flickr page.