Scenes from the COP21 Paris climate talks

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As Paris climate talks at COP21 near their midpoint, there’s no lack of spectacle. From a campaign of fake ads to a Jurassic Park spoof, groups with all sorts of stakes in the issues of emissions, warming and climate have found unique ways to speak out.

The activists’ messages have been expressed even as the city has remained heavily locked down following November’s mass shootings. While there are signs that the city is attempting to return to normal — with at least one shooting site reopened for business as of Friday, according to multiple media sources — a heavily armored police presence continues in the city as the conference approaches week two.

That lockdown, combined with existing tensions and an outright ban on demonstrations in many areas had led to the mass-arrest of hundreds earlier this week. Nonetheless, many protest groups either ignored the ban or found creative ways around it during week one of the conference, with activists using remote-site protests, absurdist techniques or artwork to get their points across.

Leaders and climate negotiators from 196 countries meeting at the U.N. talks Nov. 30-Dec. 11 will try to hash out the broadest, most lasting deal to date to slow global warming.

Here are several of the most striking images from the conference so far.

–Sun staff and wire reports

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