My 45-year journey through photography

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Like many people I caught the photo bug in high school. The first time I developed a picture in a darkroom and saw it appear before my eyes it was like magic. And it was something I created. I’ve been hooked ever since.

Robert K. Hamilton, Baltimore Sun

I grew up in a very pristine area in the northern panhandle of Idaho. I refer to it as God’s country. My home was set in semi-mountainous area located on Jewel Lake Road. Jewel Lake was located a short walking distance away and I spent my summers swimming and fishing there. As I got into photography, I started photographing the lake and surrounding area and continue to do so to this day. It has become my creative muse. Whenever I need to jump-start my juices, a trip home is the ticket.

Out of high school I enlisted in the Navy and became a Photographer’s Mate. Though I originally signed up for 4 years, I ended up staying in for nearly ten. That’s because I was having a great time and learning a lot about photography. Also, just like out of the recruitment posters, I was getting to travel and see the world. I visited so many countries it would take too long to list them. I saw most of Europe, a good deal of the Middle East and a few others to boot.

But it was time to join the civilian world, so I got out and one week later I interviewed at The Baltimore Sun for a staff photographer’s position and got the job. I’ve been here ever since. Five years as a staff photographer, then as assistant director of photography, deputy director of photography and finally director of photography, my current position.

After 32 years at The Sun I am stepping down from my position. I’ve had 45 wonderful years in photography and I will not stop taking pictures. Photography is not what I do, it’s who I am – after all I’m hooked!