How to shoot a video sequence

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Sequences are considered by many to be the building blocks of video storytelling. If ‘sequence’ is a new term to you in this context, it’s defined as showing a process from start to finish through a series of images, or video clips. Building a good sequence requires that you understand the process that you’re filming, that you get a variety of shots (wide, medium, tight, different angles, etc.) and that you can move to quickly set up your next shot.

I recently filmed a sequence of Venezuelan arepas being made at Alma Cocina Latina in Canton, and through the screenshots below, you’ll see how it was done.

So, we’ve taken the process — which took about 19 minutes in real time — can be reduced to about two minutes. Of course, when you add the interview, it gets longer. But you can see how it all came together in the video below.