Time lapse: Setting up the rides at the Howard County Fair

1 Video, 11 photos

The Howard County Fair is returning for its 70th year next week, and the Howard County Times wanted to give readers a look into how crews get the fairgrounds ready for the event. Photographer Jen Rynda spent six hours over two days as workers meticulously set up the rides. More from her below the time lapse.

From photographer Jen Rynda: Being a Canon shooter I had to purchase an intervalometer to create this time lapse. I ended up going with Canon’s TC-80N3 and it was super easy to use. When I arrived Tuesday morning, I starting shooting a frame every three seconds. That turned out to be a little fast, as the process of constructing the rides is a slow one.

I only finally got the hang of what was going on when the crew took a break for lunch. On Wednesday, I changed to a frame every five seconds, and I also brought a chair (this was key). Watching these workers was over the past two days was impressive, and even more so when condensed to a little over a minute.

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