Baltimore’s inner city farming

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This is the first year in production for the Civic Works’ Real Food Perlman Place farm in Northeast Baltimore. Just over 20 varieties of vegetables, 5 types of fruit, and several herbs and ornamental plants have transformed vacant lots into productive land. According to their website, Civic Works’ Real Food Farms provide pesticide-free fresh food to people in nearby communities, train people for jobs help the watershed and educate local youth.

The food is distributed through the Real Food Farms Mobile Farmers Market, their booth at the 32nd Street Farmers Market, CSA shares and some Baltimore restaurants.

Myeasha Taylor, Pearlman Place Farm Manager, and production assistants Alexander Harrell and Calvin Atkins are responsible for 1.5 acres of urban agriculture at the Civic Works’ Real Food Perlman Place Farm. Atkins lives nearby and his aunt lives down the street. He was hired for the project and says, “It showed me how to garden, a better way to escape…how to care about something else.”