By land, Bay or air: Maryland on the move

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The Maryland/D.C. corridor is frequently ranked as one of the worst traffic areas in the country. Despite (or maybe because of) this, Marylanders are pretty industrious about how they get from Point A to Point B.

Sure, a lot of states do walking, biking and commuting better than us, but do travelers in those places also board a Water Taxi, go dirt-biking through the city streets and catch the Collegetown Shuttle between campuses? We didn’t think so.

From the introduction of the Jones Falls Expressway (the first interstate to be built in Baltimore) in the early 1960s and the opening of the 23-mile long Chesapeake Bay Bridge in 1964 to the start of the Charm City Circulator’s service in 2010 and the addition of the tolled Intercounty Connector in 2012, Marylanders are going places in increasingly inventive ways. We’ve also lost a few rides along the way.

We’ve come up with 50-ish ways we get around (or once got around) in the Free State. How many can you name? And what did we forget (mushing, perhaps)?–Amanda Krotki, Colin Campbell and Kevin Rector

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