A highline walk over Australia

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On March 6th-8th the highlining community from around the world ascended on Mount Victoria in the Blue Mountains two hours west of Sydney for a weekend of challenging lines and routes established between various cliffs in the mountains.

Seven highlines of different spans and tension were rigged and participants of various skill levels and experience challenged themselves. The crowd that gathered shared a similar passion for adventure, the outdoors and relaxing together sharing stories and encouraging each other as they push their limits in the stunning Blue Mountains National Park. Growing in popularity the relatively new sport seems dangerous and extreme, however safety is paramount with numerous safety harnesses and procedures are implemented to maintain a well measured and safe environment.

Slacklining is a balance sport in which participants walk on a flat nylon webbing anchored between two points with the tension adjusted to allow for slack, providing an experience similar to that of walking on a trampoline. Highlining is a style of slacklining where the two anchor points are set up with significant elevation from the ground or water below known as exposure. Unlike extreme sports such as skydiving or bungee jumping, the participant has to make constant decisions and mentally overcome their fear and harness their adrenalin compared to making that one initial choice to jump in the case of the other sports.

Numerous highliners are confident walking a slackline of the same distance in a park low to the ground, however the mental challenge at heights with the view below and environmental elements to contend with proves a much tougher challenge.– Getty Images