River Hill wrestling, all-access

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In the past year, Howard County Times Sports has profiled four high school teams in an all-access documentary series. And this winter, River Hill’s wrestling team — helmed by alumnus coach Brandon Lauer, who was undefeated through 111 matches and three state championships in high school — was the focus of the latest piece.

We followed the team through a practice and preparations for one of their biggest matches of the year, a rivalry dual bout with Glenelg. More on the production below.

To produce the documentary, two shooters were needed —- myself, and Baltimore Sun wrestling correspondent Tim Schwartz. Tim and I spent an afternoon with them during practice and conducted interviews. We also met with the team hours before the Jan. 30 match to watch them set up, warm up and do their preparations.

Tim and I both shot on a Nikon D610 camera in 720p at 60 frames per second. All told, we recorded more than six hours of footage, eventually condensed to the 11-minute story you see above.