BMX bicycle racing, a family affair

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BMX bicycle racing is a way for the Raum family to bond. Timm, father of 3, is the track operator for Hagerstown BMX and races competitively. His wife, Tina, is the office manager. Together with other volunteers, the Raums help run Hagerstown BMX in Hagerstown, MD.

Children and adults of all ages race and practice at Hagerstown BMX. It is a local group of biker enthusiasts formed in 1999. Included in the group are Timm and Tina’s children: Grant, 14, Lilly, 11, and Ashton, 19. However, Lilly only races some of the time, and Ashton is away at college. Timm, along with the other parents at Hagerstown BMX, helps to coach his children while they practice and race.

The family travels together about once a month to attend National Races. Ashton will often travel from school to meet the other family members at these events.

In August, the family drove together to Pottstown, PA to compete in a Nationals race. They competed in a weekend-long event against BMX bikers from around the country. “It’s a way for us all to stay together and connect…and keeps us closer,” said Tina.