Taking a sunset kayak tour of Piney Run Reservoir

14 Photos, 1 Video

You might say there are better things to do than to spend one’s Saturday evening working, but when working is taking a leisurely kayak tour around a reservoir on a warm day August, you might say it could be worse.

Joel Beckwith, the kayak instructor at Piney Run Park, and I happened to be in the same… boat… on Saturday, Aug. 16, when he led a tour of adults and I was there to document.

I spent three hours with the group in a kayak and attempted to capture both pictures and video of the evening. More on that below.

So, with me in the kayak was a waterproof bag, where I kept my equipment — a Nikon D3s, D610 and 24-70mm and 70-200 lenses — while I rowed. At first I was not sure I was comfortable taking all the equipment on the water, but Beckwith assured me that only one out of some 20,000 kayakers he’d toured with had ever capsized.

Mostly I kept up with the group, but I occasionally would speed ahead to capture them coming toward me, or linger behind to watch them go away. The toughest part was capturing the wildlife, which was either too far away or moved too fast; keeping the camera steady for video was also a challenge (thank you, Warp Stabilizer). Enjoy!