La Tomatina: 20,000 people, 130 tons of tomatoes, 1 big food fight

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Want to know what a food fight looks like with 20,000 goggle-wearing people and 130 tons of tomatoes? It’s called La Tomatina, and it happens every year in Buñol, Spain.

The weeklong festival in the town with 9,000 inhabitants is a tradition that involves music, parades, dancing, fireworks and the biggest tomato fight in the world, according to the La Tomatina website.

This is the first year participants were asked to pay a fee, reported ABC News. People had to pay $15 to show up and throw tomatoes at each other. Organizers reserved 5,000 free tickets for the town’s residents.

Trucks hauled 130 tons of overly ripe tomatoes into Plaza del Pueblo, the center of the town. If you wanted to be on one of those big trucks, the fee was $1,126.

– Los Angeles Times