Capturing rainbows around the world (and in Baltimore)

31 Photos

“Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” Rainbow Brite. Rain-Blo bubble gum. LGBT pride. Italian peace flag. Double rainbow euphoria. Roy G. Biv. Gateway to gold. No matter the point of reference, rainbows have a way of capturing the imagination and bringing about a sense of wonderment.

Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day and the rainy season, Baltimore Sun director of photography Robert Hamilton provides a few tips for photographing the meteorological phenomenon. As for finding that pot of gold, we can’t help you there.

“There are no real magic tricks for taking pictures of rainbows. Each situation is different, determined by atmospheric conditions and general weather patterns. If you get lucky, it will appear behind a darkened sky, which will allow for the colors to appear more saturated. Occasionally, a polarizing filter may help increase color saturation, as well. Composition can be the key to a successful image. Putting the rainbow in context to its surroundings gives the picture added dimension, increasing the viewer’s interest. The one big tip is to use a tripod. Keeping your camera steady will give you a much better chance of an in-focus image. Nothing is more frustrating than to get the perfect rainbow in the best setting and ending up with a fuzzy picture.” – Robert Hamilton

For some inspiration, check out this full spectrum of rainbows from around the world. Then go chase your own.