Pimlico perspectives

6 Photos

Larry Rogers and David Butts, the two-man team behind Mid-Atlantic Aerial, recently took to the skies to give a unique perspective over the Preakness Stakes racetrack, Pimlico.

Rogers, 38, of Pasadena is an IT professional with a love of outdoors who got into photography to capture his two young daughters growing up. Butts, 36, is an Annapolis resident is a professional video editor and photographer.

“Still Photography and video has always intrigued me, that’s why I got into video editing and videography in my primary profession,” Butts said. “And Larry stated, I also have 2 young daughters and have been able to create amazing videos of and still pictures that we can cherish forever.”

The duo says they got into aerial photography to add a new perspective to the outdoors.

“Our equipment can get places where people can’t, whether it is over a waterfall or 200 feet up, in most cases these images are first time pictures from these perspectives,” Butts said.

They capture the images using GoPro cameras at varied settings, tilt and angles, shooting in 30-45 minute segments to capture the images they want.