Husband and wife bodybuilding team

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David Johnston had been overweight his entire life, and then 11 years ago at age 24, he started bodybuilding. His wife Nikki was a college volleyball player, and although she has been working out since age 14, she started bodybuilding at age 28. Now both are amateur bodybuilders, preparing up to six months for competitions.

They work as personal trainers at the Colosseum Gym in Columbia. They specialize in fat loss, toning, body sculpting, building muscle and contest prep.

At the Baltimore Gladiator competition this past March at Goucher College, David won the super heavyweight class and Nikki won the women’s physique division tall class.

Bodybuilding has become a way of life for both David and Nikki. It’s something David says he will continue to do because he doesn’t want to “revert back to the fat kid” he used to be.