Dozens make a desperate border gamble in Melilla

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With NPR putting some finishing touches on its borderland series this week, international attention has been focused across the Atlantic, on a place that’s equally familiar with the perils of international migration.

Dozens are in the middle of a border-crossing struggle right now in Melilla, a Spanish exclave that sits on the west end of the Mediterranean Sea, surrounded by Morocco. About 30 of those people remained perched atop a fence along the border Thursday morning, according to Reuters España.

The Guardian reported in March that hundreds of would-be immigrants stormed the border crossing in an attempt last month; at least 28 people were reported to have been injured in that attempt, while 15 people died in a February attempt in Ceuta, another Spanish territory.

In 2013, over a thousand people crossed the Melilla perimeter, which stretches over 12 kilometers, according to the Reuters report.


From today – Unos 30 inmigrantes se encaraman a la valla de Melilla

From March – Hundreds of migrants storm Spain’s north African enclave of Melilla