Baltimore Sun photographer Amy Davis

31 Photos

Amy Davis has been a staff photographer at The Baltimore Sun since 1987. Her versatility with the camera is obvious in the wide variety of topics she has covered for The Sun. One thing is very evident as you view her work, her empathy for her subjects and her ability to portray their lives.

Amy writes, “When I came to Baltimore and drove around its varied neighborhoods for the first time, I thought, ‘My God! There’s a photo on every block.’ Over the past quarter century the novelty has worn off, but not the wonder. It’s the people who create the distinctive character of each community. I feel very privileged to have entered the lives of so many different people and unusual places, sometimes under heartbreaking circumstances. It is very humbling. I simply try to make photographs that feel right. If my images ring true, then I can also connect with the other folks who matter, our readers.”