My Droodle: Beauty and Mystery in Druid Hill Park

22 Photos

For a half century, Ernie Imhoff has felt at home in the free and open spaces of Druid Hill Park – also known to many older residents as “Droodle” or “Droodle Pork” in Baltimorese. It is a treasure island of solitude and socializing smack in Baltimore’s midsection, he says.

“Druid Hill became my local escape. It was a natural choice, near home and rising ground. A camera often came with me. Let me share my photographs from this beautiful, often mysterious atmosphere. A friend and Internet craftsman, Stephanie Sawchenko, helped me create

Ernie Imhoff was a reporter and editor at The Evening Sun and The Sun for 36 years. He since became a documented ordinary seaman for 14 years on Baltimore’s Liberty ship, the S.S. John W. Brown. He published “Good Shipmates: Volumes 1 and 2″ and created a DVD, “Beautiful Ship.”