Midnight ride for Towson’s homeless

8 Photos, 1 Video

As the temperatures dipped down to record lows this week, Rob Williams was getting worried about the homeless people in his area. So, he and his friend John Falconer began collecting blankets, food, foot warmers and other donated items from their Rodgers Forge neighbors in an effort to help the homeless during the cold snap.

The pair, both members of the local Citizens on Patrol, have been driving around Towson in the early hours of the day (they usually start around midnight), handing out blankets and food, and trying to find as many people living on the streets as they can.

As Wednesday, Jan. 8 turned to Thursday, Williams and Falconer allowed me and Towson Times reporter Jon Meoli to tag along in their tightly-packed sedan to document their experience.

The video was shot, mostly handheld, on a Nikon D610 camera with a 24-70mm f/2.8 lens and at ISOs that ranged from 1600-3200.