A season in the life of an Orioles beat writer

85 Photos

    Pictures and text by Eduardo A. Encina

Ever since I was a kid, when I used to watch the Orioles play from the gold outfield bleachers of Memorial Stadium, I couldn’t get enough of baseball. I’d arrive early for batting practice and never left until the final out. Now as the Orioles beat writer for The Sun, I get to chance to travel the country – from the first days of spring training in February to the final out of the regular season – and cover the O’s. I understand that this job takes me places normally I wouldn’t be able to go, grants me access few have.

And as a reporter, you already take mental snapshots of everything you see. That’s a part of your job. My goal has been to take readers closer, and with the help of my handy iPhone, that’s become a lot easier than it was 25 years ago. So every time I’ve seen something interesting on the road, I’ve reached for my phone to take a quick photo to post on Twitter or Instagram. Some of these images are inside the ballpark, some are in the cities to which I travel. Some are of food (my colleague Dan Connolly ribs me for those).

Some might be quirky. Others might seem mundane, but they’re all snapshots of an attempt to show the reader what life is like covering the Orioles.