Bull Blast rodeo at the Howard County Fair

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After 16 years, attendees of the Howard County Fair finally got to see some bucking bulls.

With a new event called “Bull Blast” held Monday night, the fair launched itself back into the ring with professional riders putting on a show for about 2,000 cheering fans.

“We’re going to see some spills, some falls, maybe a couple cowboys getting bucked off real good,” said Justin Howard, of Rockin “R” Western Productions, which produced the show. “We’re going to have some fun.” (Story continues below video)

VIDEO From the Bull Blast:

But as much fun as it is for those watching, the danger for the riders is palpable.

“It’s not if or when you get hurt, it’s how bad,” said bull rider DJ Colson, of Frederick. “It’s bound to happen eventually.”

Some of the cowboys were thrown off right out of the gate, and others stayed on for the full eight seconds, or longer. The longer the ride, the louder the crowd would cheer.

The event also featured a rodeo clown in full makeup and a bullseye painted on his rear end; a mutton busting competition, which is similar to bull riding but involves children and smaller farm animals; and barrel racing, where riders will complete a course on horseback.

“It’s a lot of fun,” said Howard. “If we can get this one successfully done this year, we’re going to try to do one next year.”