The Naval Academy Class of 2017 Induction Day

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Under a relentless barrage of commands, most of them bellowed, some 1,200 members of the U.S. Naval Academy’s Class of 2017 ran the gauntlet of Induction Day. It is the start of plebe summer — seven weeks of training that bear no relation to any customary notion of summer.

For the young students, the day started early in the morning as they said goodbye to family members and loved ones. Throughout the day, they were processed through a series of stations in Alumni Hall as they got their first taste of academy life. The stations included picking up uniforms, receiving medical examinations and haircuts and learning the basics such as how to salute.

As part of Induction Day, each new academy member is issued a Reef Points booklet, which is an introduction to the mission, history and traditions of the Navy, that each will have to know by the end of their summer training.