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From beehives to cat’s-eye glasses and plenty of kitsch: Honfest 2013 celebrates all things Bawlmer. Take a look at these sassy hons. | Photos snapped by J.M. Giordano for The Baltimore Sun.

Hampden hosts a ‘family-friendly’ HonFest: Women in bras a little much, says organizer
By Larry Perl, lperl@tribune.com
12:45 a.m. EDT, June 9, 2013

Stretching the parameters of a wholesome HonFest, three women on The Avenue stripped down to their bras and leotards Saturday to promote Sugar, a nearby sex-toy shop.

In the booth behind them, a banner said, “Stirring up raw passion.”
But festival organizer Denise Whiting asked the women at the Sugar booth, all students at Johns Hopkins University, to put their clothes back on.

“We have a more conservative definition of ‘street legal,’ said Whiting, owner of Cafe Hon and the boutique store HONtown. “It’s a family-friendly festival.”

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