Randy Hofman, sculpting a beach ministry

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Randy Hofman gently guides handfuls of sand as he sets in for another day of sand sculpting at the Ocean City Boardwalk. A strong wind whips the fine grains across his canvas – a patch of beach that the self-employed artist has shaped almost daily during the tourist season for decades. His project represents the worship and ministry outreach group he works with, “Son’Spot.”

In second grade, Hofman knew he wanted to be an artist. He soon learned his craft under the guidance of Marc Altamar, an established sand sculptor. In 1981 Altamar retired and moved to Florida, making room for Hofman to carry on the tradition of sculpting in front of the Plim Plaza Hotel.

Hofman says his wife, Marilynne, is supportive of his art, “She packs me off to the sandpile like I’m going to grade school.”

“The sand sculptures are temporary, like us,” the 61-year-old adds.

Nature is always working to slowly erode the sculpture and return the sand back to the beach.

“Book your reservations in advance. We don’t know when that wave comes in that has our name on it.”