In Severn, BMX bicycle racing for young and old

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On a spring night at Chesapeake BMX in Severn, the pursuit of the night was speed. With the smell of hamburgers grilling in the air, brother helped brother, father helped sons and even a grandmother helped her granddaughter, all in the pursuit of pedal power. This wasn’t about the jumps or tricks, like the X Games. It was about the shrieks of children as young as two, and the panting of adults as old as 57 as they raced bicycles on a 1180-foot dirt and asphalt course.

The Chesapeake BMX race course is operated by a small group of dedicated individuals whose goal is to have a place where BMX enthusiasts can race and have a good time. Anne Arundel County helps with the land and utilities, but the track care and operation is all handled by the volunteers – some of whom had children who raced and now want to pass along the fun and camaraderie to others.

For as little as $240, visitors can purchase a used bike and helmet and set out to go racing. They are grouped by age and experience and judged only by the time it takes to complete the course. There may be some gentle ribbing by the track announcers and your peers, but it all seems in good fun, and for the $10 registration fee, tough to beat for value.