Inside the abandoned Henryton State Hospital

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For years, the old Henryton State Hospital has sat abandoned in rural southeastern Carroll County as officials decide what to do next with the decaying psychiatric facility. Closed since 1985, there have been 70 fires over the past decade, as the complex like others, falls victim to vandalism and deterioration. Long fascinated by urban explorers, take a look inside the Henryton State Hospital.

Abandoned Henryton hospital slated for demolition
By Timothy B. Wheeler, The Baltimore Sun
March 31, 2013 | 1:52 p.m.

Perched on a wooded bluff in rural southeastern Carroll County, the old Henryton State Hospital bears silent witness to the ravages of decades of neglect and vandalism. First opened in 1923, the 18-building complex that once housed the sick and handicapped now appears beyond hope of recovery itself.

Windows gape. Trees reach to the sky through roofs that have caved in or burned. Graffiti and vines cover stucco and brick walls. Broken glass and beer cans litter the ground, along with debris from the crumbling structures.

“Things fall apart,” reads one of the spray-painted tags, many of them profane, that festoon the walls.

Years after Maryland and most states largely abandoned institutional psychiatric care in favor of community-oriented treatment, some former hospitals remain vacant as officials puzzle over what to do with them.

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