The Baltimore Camera Club shares a passion for the image

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A selection of winning images from recent Baltimore Camera Club competitions.

By: Robert Hamilton | Baltimore Sun

The members of The Baltimore Camera Club share a common bond, a love of photography. They meet each Thursday night at the Mount Washington United Methodist Church. There you can find them discussing photography, listening to guest speakers or watching their photography work being judged by industry professionals.

The club is one of the oldest in the United States, founded in 1883, a fact of which they are very proud. The club embraces a wide variety of photo processes from the latest digital applications, to Polaroid, to old fashion Daguerreotypes.

Former club president Karen Messick said, “Now, as then [when the club first was founded] there is a strong love of image making in our society. The club has had its ups and downs in membership, had endured several wars and recessions, but maintained throughout.”

Past club members have included famous Baltimore Sun photographer A. Aubrey Bodine and Edward Bafford known for his work in bromoils, an early photographic process popular with pictorialist in the early 20th century.

Messick went on to say, “Photography is a magical part of capturing life! More so than any other art form it captures a moment in time and records it for decades. We all relate to babies, birthdays, families and beautiful scenery, wars. These are emotional elements in life and I think nothing can make them personal like a photograph.”