Brigade Boxing Championships at the Naval Academy

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The United States Naval Academy is an institution rich in history and traditions. One of the lesser known is its storied background in boxing. Superintendent Admiral David Porter started the sport at the academy in 1865. The sport was initially treated as a casual recreation in the beginning.

In 1920 the Navy hired a thirty year old boxer from Baltimore named Spike Webb. Webb’s passion for boxing paid off quickly as the academy team was undefeated in intercollegiate competition his first year coaching and went undefeated in dual meets for the next eleven years according to the boxing clubs website. They won six national titles from 1920-1930.

In 1941 the Naval Academy began the Brigade Boxing Championships. The boxing brigade is in its 72nd year. All of the matches are three rounds and they cover ten different weight classes. The winners of the matches will move on to a regional competition in order to qualify for the National Collegiate Boxing Association Championships to be held in Mashantucket, Connecticut in April.