Time lapse video: Fans react to Ravens Super Bowl win in Federal Hill

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Fans piled out into the streets of Federal Hill to celebrate the Ravens, who beat the 49ers 34-31 in Super Bowl XLVII on Sunday.

Stills taken from the rooftop of Mother’s on S. Charles Street. Fifteen second intervals for nearly two hours beginning in the last minute of the fourth quarter in 30 degree weather. ISO set to 2500. Things to look out for: ebb and flow of the crowd, fans climbing trees and on top vehicles, crowd surfing, shirts and newspapers flying and mounted police.

Time Lapse Video: Fan reaction to Ravens Super Bowl Win from The Darkroom on Vimeo.

Special thanks to Sean Crowley, Lam Thuy Vo, Jon Sham, Christopher T. Assaf and Olivia Hubert-Allen.

After the Super Bowl, Baltimore Ravens fans awake groggy, but triumphant
By Kevin Rector, The Baltimore Sun
11:20 a.m. EST, February 4, 2013

Football fans awoke groggy but triumphant in Baltimore on Monday, riding high on the Ravens’ victory in Sunday’s Super Bowl and nursing themselves back to life after a night of celebration.

“I kept hearing chants in my head all night,” said Steve Stack, 34, who got little sleep after watching the big game with friends at a bar in Linthicum. “I think I watched ESPN highlights all night. I couldn’t get to sleep. You get too amped up.”

Stack, who works in home improvement, was one of many fans facing an early morning at Cross Street Market in Federal Hill, where he was meeting coworkers for breakfast. His crew usually starts at 7:30 a.m., he said, but they weren’t getting underway on Monday until 9 a.m.

“The boss gave us a break,” he said with a laugh.

Outside the market, where thousands of fans had gathered in celebration after the Ravens’ 34-31 victory over the San Francisco 49ers, city work crews were busy cleaning up — emptying dumpsters overflowing with trash and sweeping streets littered with broken bottles, confetti and purple streamers.

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