Rough Cut: A raw edit from Beyonce Super Bowl half-time show

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“Rough Cut” is a loose edit from The Baltimore Sun’s photographic coverage of the National Football League. Fanatic fans, marching bands, cheerleaders and lots of game action are just part of the spectacle that is the NFL. This week photojournalist Kenneth K. Lam photographed Beyonce during the Super Bowl half-time show at Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans.

Force, grace define Beyonce’s halftime show

By Wesley Case, The Baltimore Sun
10:04 p.m. EST, February 3, 2013

If any questions lingered about Beyonce’s ability to sing live — or her ability to make even the most crazed football fans momentarily forget about a game — then she answered them with force and grace during her Super Bowl halftime performance Sunday night. The fact that she achieved this on the world’s most-watched stage is unsurprising, because she has long relished moments with the largest audiences.


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