Baltimore, City of Murals

15 photos

One of Baltimore’s most charming assets are its hundreds of murals artfully sprayed, stenciled and painted across a broad canvas of city buildings. How wonderful it is to turn a corner and be surprised by a striking painting 30 feet high. Or, to pass by the same mural every day, and marvel at how it seems to change with the time of day and the weather. These kaleidoscopes of colors and graphic imagery affirm a dynamic city teeming with creativity and promise.

Several mural projects have sprouted in the past several years. Last fall, one such enterprise, Articulate: Baltimore, created a grouping of 7 murals in the Bromo Tower Arts & Entertainment District.

Part of Articulate: Baltimore’s mission -now complete- was “aimed at activating vacant space and integrating buildings, people, and culture along North Howard where it intersects with West Franklin and West Mulberry Streets.” Their goal was to lift properties “out of the blight that developed there as commercial and residential tenants abandoned this formerly vibrant area of the city.” (

Co-curated by artists Stefan Ways Hauswald (also known as Stefan Ways) and Jesse James (“J. Digital”), Articulate: Baltimore involved local, national and international artists. The following photographs depict the murals in the historic landscape of West Baltimore. Each mural is as distinct as the artists who created them.

Also included are photographs of two murals in the same vicinity that, although they are not part of Articulate: Baltimore, they nevertheless add to the artistic beauty of this charming city.

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